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Residence Greece can undertake effectively the process of investment and issuance of Visas from the beginning to end
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Residency permit (Golden Visa)

Residency permit (Golden Visa)

Our expertise is the presentation of property to citizens of countries outside the European Union who plan to acquire property in Greece in order to take advantage of a law offering a residency permit in the country for those willing to spend at least 250.000 euro for property.

Alongside the selection process, we offer a wide array of services that provide essential support to our clients before and after the purchase of the property. Thus we secure our clients’ peace of mind, laying the ground for their smooth integration in the Greek way of life.

Residence Greece is providing a brief overview of the relevant legislation to foreign citizens wishing to acquire real estate in Greece.

Our specialized personnel can assist you in issuing a residence permit and complete the required steps of every transaction process with minimal effort.

We are at your disposal for any related inquiries on Greek legislation and real estate required transaction processes.

Greece is the Country to choose

  • Greece is a Member of the Schengen Area
  • Low Cost Access to a European Golden-Visa
  • Unique Investment Opportunity
  • The Mediterranean Climate
  • The Strategic Location
  • A Long Tradition of Hospitality towards Immigrants
  • No minimum Stay Requirement
  • Access to Higher Education
  • Greek gastronomy
  • Beautiful Natural Environment
  • The Birthplace of Western Civilization
  • A Destination for Everyone
  • Economy Rebound
  • Health Services
  • Safety

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