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Finding the right property is just the start, negotiating the right price to seal the deal is where we excel.


We perform a review of the legal status of the property, including planning regulations and advise on the preliminary contract and assist on the completion and transfer deed.


We provide comprehensive advice to guide you through the maze of Greek taxes on income, capital gains, wealth, inheritance and many others.


We can assist you in selecting the most suitable credit offers, mortgages and other financing techniques in respect of your personal taxation and asset protection needs.


When you plan to build a new pool house, import a valuable piece of art or subscribe your insurance contract, we can provide preliminary or more detailed advice at your request.


Whether it is in taking up payroll and other household staff matters, addressing neighbors and suppliers issues, attending assemblies of co-owners, taking tax compliance in hand or dealing with a variety of other day-to-day aspects, we can assist and advise to minimize concerns.

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